Artur Chaparyan

28-year-old comedian from Moscow, whose solo comedy special is expected by many fans, stand-up comedy lovers and especially comedians themselves.In his shows Artur often jokes about day-to-day matters and problems that concern him. He avoids politics, cruelty. Has a preference for progressive views.

Artur tours all over Russia, gathering audiences of thousands of people. He performs in English and plans to give shows in the US in the future. At the same time, he has already received offers from there.

Appearances and stats

Artur took part in multiple comedy shows, all of which he has left at some point. The audiences are now anticipating to see what his next appearance will be.

Shows he was part of or has been involved in creating:

Resident of the show "Cho Bylo Dalshe"
Average number of views: 25M
Audience's favorite participant. Left the show after the first season for personal reasons. Сaused a surge of the #BringBackChaparyan hashtag among the subscribers

Producer and resident of "22 komika"
Average views on the shows featuring Artur: 2M
Director Aisultan Seitov (directed music videos for J.Cole, 21Savage, Joji, Young Thug and others).

Participant of the show "Vecherniy Urgant"
Number of views: 2.5M
First comedian to perform stand-up on Russia's main late night talk-show on Channel One

Guest appearance on the "Samiy Umniy Komik" show
Number of views: 2.1M

Guest appearance on the "Kuji" podcast
Number of views: 1.5M

+ other shows and podcasts, gaining one million views or more

Support from comedians

The following comedians will announce the show release (+ number of their Instagram followers indicated)
Alexey Shcherbakov - 2.9M

Nurlan Saburov - 1.2M

Tambi Masaev - 1.2M

Rustam Reptiloid - 1.1M

Ilya Makarov - 578k

Vanya Usovich - 402k

Slava Komissarenko - 342k

Viktor Komarov - 96k

Idrak Mirzalizade - 90k

Rasul Chabdarov - 89k

Sergey Orlov - 88k

Stand-up club - 74k

Pavel Dedischev - 74k

+ others

Emir Kashokov - 282k

Alexey Smirnov - 242k

Sergey Detkov - 223k

Guram Amaryan - 170k

Timur Karginov - 143k

Sasha Dolgopolov - 109k

Andrey Bebureshvili - 100k

"199" show

Performed and filmed in the summer of 2021. It's Artur's first solo comedy special in his 12-year career, much anticipated and long awaited by his fans.

Duration: 50 min 49 sec
Location: Gogol Center – one of the most important and contemporary theater venues in Russia
Audience: 1000 people
Cameras: Red Gemini - 6 units